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RAD BioMed provides seed funding for biomedical startups. Our goal is to get startups through the first stages to a significant fundable milestone of a large investment round. 

Biomedical startups take time and money to flourish. They also require a lot of vision and foresight. That`s why we build long-term relationships, and work closely with the entrepreneurs. We typically co-invest in startups through several rounds of financing, to help the startups achieve a significant milestone. 

We are very involved and offer more than just money. In fact, the help we offer is the larger component. The most important thing we do is work with the startups on their ideas, develop and expand them.

We also help the CEOs with management dilemmas, while guiding them in the interaction and deal process with investors, and knowing when to approach strategic partners.

Sitting together at the RAD BioMed facilities works better for everyone- itís more efficient for us, and also better for the startups, who probably end up helping one another at least as much as we help them.