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Hagay Drori, COO
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Our Team
  • Hagay Drori COO
    Managerial experience in medical device development. Prior to Everads-Therapy, Hagay served as a Product Line Manager at DALI Medical Devices, CEO at NewVert Ltd, Project leader at Expanding Orthopedics Inc., Impliant Ltd, and Elcam Medical Ltd.
    B.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering from Tel Aviv University, and M.E. in System Engineering from the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology.
  • Dr. Ygal Rotenstreich, MD, Co-Founder & Medical Director
    Dr. Rotenstreich is the Head of the Electrophysiology Clinic and the Retinal Research Laboratory at the Goldschleger Eye Institute, Sheba Medical Center and a senior lecturer at Tel Aviv University. He is a specialist in Retina and Cataract surgery. He is the founder and medical director of several start-up companies and an inventor on international patents and patent applications in ophthalmology.  He is leading basic and clinical research focused on development of novel treatments and diagnostic tools for retinal and corneal disorders and has published more than 30 peer-reviewed articles.

  • Dr. Ifat Sher Ph.D, Co-Founder & CSO
    Dr. Sher is the Head of the Restorative Retinal Research Laboratory at the Goldschleger Eye Research Institute at Sheba Medical Center. Dr. Sher received her PhD in Biology from the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology. Following completion of postdoctoral fellowship at Cornell University, New York, she joined the Sheba Medical Center where she studies neuroretinal degeneration and develops cell-based therapies for treatment of retinal dystrophies. She is a founder and CSO of another start up (Epitech) and is named inventor on international patents and patent applications in ophthalmology.
  • David Daily, DALI Medical Devices: Co-Founder & R&D Director
    David is also CEO and Co-Founder, DALI Medical Devices: Established in 2003, DALI develops and customizes injectable drug delivery products from concept to commercialization.Before co-founding DALI, David worked as Product Development Manager at Élan Pharmaceuticals, leading the development of disposable auto injectors and micro-infusion systems. Prior to Élan he served in various R&D positions in the Israeli Defense Forces.David holds an MSc in biomedical engineering, and MBA.

  • Product Development

  • Everads-Therapy is developing a revolutionary drug and cell delivery system for injectable therapies to the back of the eye.

    Posterior segment diseases of the eye are sight threatening and hard to treat due to their chronic and relapsing nature. Everad`s delivery system will be superior to Intravitreal injections and other techniques for drug delivery to the back of the eye by targeting the delivery of therapies into the extravascular matrix of the choroid. 

    Indeed, from initial in-vivo proof-of-concept studies using a model of rabbit, Everad`s delivery system has demonstrated highly promising data.  


    Approximately 18 million Intravitreal injections of anti-VEGF agents applied in 2014 WW        

    Global cost of visual impairment due to AMD alone is $343 billion, including $255 billion in direct health costs         

    The incidence of visual impairment will increase due to an aging population and increased diabetes prevalence