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RAD BioMed is a privately-held incubator with an outstanding track record for identifying successful technologies and bringing them to market. We start from the clinical need, accepting only technologies that have the potential to make a breakthrough change in treatment. 

Our inspiration comes from knowing that medical technology can dramatically increase the quality of life for human beings. Therefore, it is our commitment to nurture ventures that provide true breakthroughs focused identifiable clinical needs.

Startups begin at a very early stage, and receive joint funding from the Office of the Chief Scientist. By the time our outside investors see a company, we have done extensive work with them and verified both the entrepreneurs and the business model. 

RAD BioMed has a hands-on approach, matching appropriate management expertise and professionals with the technologists. This approach maximizes the long-term value of our companies. We are in these investments for the long haul, so if you are someone who invests in companies with long-term, exceptional growth potential, contact us.