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Danny Farin
Our Team
  • Danny Farin CEO
    BSc, MBA. Entrepreneur in the biomed industry and the former CEO and Co-Founder of Eon Surgical, a RAD BioMed portfolio company, which was successfully acquired by Teleflex in 2013.
  • Dr. Yaacov Amsalem
    Dr. Yaacov Amsalem, MD, Medical  Director, Head of  interventional neuro-radiology, Rambam  Medical Center.
  • Gilad Cibulski
    Gilad Cibulski, BSc. Founder & Project  Manager, Partner at  Tailormed and a former project  manager at FD Cardio and at MindGuard.
  • Avi Rapaport
    Avi Rapaport, BSc, Founder, Partner at Tailormed and former VP R&D at FD Cardio and Director of  Engineering at MindGuard.
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  • Scientific Advisory Board
  • Prof. Randall T. Higashida

    Prof. Randall T. Higashida, MD, Chief of the Division of  Interventional Neurovascular Radiology at  UCSF Medical Center. 

  • Prof. Reza Jahan
    Prof. Reza Jahan, MD, Assistant  Professor at the Interventional Neuroradiology  & Neurosurgery Dept of Radiological  Sciences UCLA Medical Center. 
  • Prof. David Tanne
    Prof. David Tanne, MD, Vascular  Neurologist, Fellowship: Henry Ford  Medical Center, Michigan. Associate Professor of Neurology, Tel Aviv Univ. Stroke Center,  Department of Neurology, Sheba MC, Israel 

  • Pre-Clinical Model
  • Technological Feasibility Study
  • System Development
  • Prototype Design

  • Perflow Medical is developing a user-adjustable device to restore blood flow to the brain and remove the occluding clot quickly and safely in patients experiencing gacute ischemic stroke. The device is a self-expanding, tretrivable nitinol tubular braided dense mesh that can be deployed easily with a standard microcatheter.  


    Stroke is the 4th most common cause of death in industrial nations, and the number 1 cause of permanent disability.

    1 in 5 men and 1 in 6 women will experience a stroke. Annually, 795,000 people in the US will experience a stroke. 

    97% of stroes are ischemic, meaning they are associated with a blod clot in a cerebral vessel.

    Direct and indirect costs of stroke in the US are over $73 billion annually.