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  • Joe Pepper President
    Joe completed his PhD in Mechanical Engineering at Stanford University and his MBA at Harvard Business school. He was CEO and President of the Automated Breast Cancer Ultrasound start up U-Systems Inc.
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    Jonathan completed his M.Sc. in Bio-Medical Engineering at Tel-Aviv University and is a Research Physicist at the world known research and consulting company WALES Ltd. in the field of Ballistic Missile Defense (BMD) technologies and architectures
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    Dr. Belson completed his Medicine studies at Technion Institute of Technology and his Post Graduate Studies in Pediatrics at Tel-Aviv University. He was the founder and CEO of NeoGuide Systems Inc. that was sold to Intuitive Surgical.
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  • Heart catheterization is becoming more and more prevalent, as procedure numbers are growing, as well as their complexity.  As a result, the medical team in the cath lab is exposed to more x-ray radiation in total, originated from the fluoroscopy device. Such radiation exposure might lead to Cataract, and even certain types of cancer, including lymphoma, leukemia, or glioma. In order to reduce these hazards, medical personnel is mandated to wear heavy lead aprons, collars and goggles throughout their stay in the cath lab. Not only do they not confer full protection, their heavy weight causes frequent orthopedic problems. This, in turn, result in loss of working capacity, orthopedic surgery, and even early retirement.
    Radiaction Ltd. is developing an innovative radiation shield to enable a significant reduction in the total radiation exposure to the physicians and medical staff in the cath lab. Eventually, the personnel shall use significantly less radiation protective lead apparel, relieving them of the unnecessary burden. Using Radiaction`s solution in the cath lab, the physicians could therefore increase the number of procedures they perform, work more effectively and significantly reduce the hazards of radiation exposure.


    The global radiation protection for medical applications market was valued at $550 million in 2012.

    It is poised to grow at an annual rate of 6.0%, to reach approximately $740 million by 2017.