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Zvica Goltzman, CEO
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Our Team
  • Zvica Goltzman CEO
    Zvica Goltzman, B.Sc, MBA: served for several years at Elbit Systems leading a number of complex engineering projects in the field of UAVs.  
  • Danny Farin Co-founder

    Danny Farin, BSc, MBA,  Entrepreneur in the biomed industry.

  • Yehuda Bachar Co-founder

    Yehuda Bachar, MSc, R&D Engineer. Senior engineer with over 15 years in biomed, including Top Engineering, SteadyMed, Fergilant and  EON. 

  • Scientific Advisory Board
  • Yoav Mintz
    Dr. Yoav Mintz, MD, ia an Associate Professor of Surgery and Director of the Center for Innovative Surgery, Minimally Invasive and Robotic Assisted Surgery at Hadassah Hebrew University Medical Center, Jerusalem, Israel.
  • Dr. Adrian Paz
    Dr. Adrian Paz, MD., Urologic surgeon and experienced entrepreneur. Several successful companies has been based on Dr. Paz`s ideas, among them are Virtual Ports, BioProtect, Endogun and more.

  • Ex-vivo Study
  • Prototype Manufacturing
  • Prototype Design
  • Concept Design

  • Saturix develops the next generation solution for laparoscopic suturing, which dramatically simplifies and shortens the procedure, thus enhancing surgeon`s performance and increasing safety. 

    Suturing is one of the most complex, time consuming and risk related procedures, invovlved in laparoscopic surgeries. The sorgeon relies on a 2-dimentional screen, trying to implement a 3-dimentional manuver with a needle and a long thread inside the limited surgical field of the abdomen. This is an advanced  skill with a very slow learning curve which requires a high level of psychomotor skills and competency from the surgeon.


    Almost 1.5 Million laparoscopic surgeries requiring suturing are performed annually.

    The relevant laparoscopic market is characterized by 8-20% annual growth.

    Potential market of 550 M$ a year.

    High reimbursement rate (17-30K$).

    High acceptance of innovative product.

    Growth enabler more surgeons, performing more procedures using more laparoscopic systems and tools.


    Saturix will focus initially on bariatric surgeries.