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Dr. Tahel Altman

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Our Team
  • Dr. Tahel Altman CEO
    Tahel graduated from the Stanford Biodesign Innovation Fellowship, a leadership program in needs driven medical device innovation. She has earned a BSc degree (at the age of 18, cum laude) in Life-science and a MD (cum laude) both from Tel Aviv University, and completed her.
  • Prof. Tamir Tuller CSO
    Tamir completed his graduate and post doc work at Tel-Aviv University and at the Weizmann Institute of Science as a Koshland fellow. He has formal education and training in Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, Medicine and Biology (four BSc, two MSc studies, and two PhD titles). He is the author of more than 100 peer reviewed, publications in top journals, as well as several patents in the field. Among others, his publications are related to synthetic biology, computational biology, microbiology, and virology.   His multidisciplinary research focuses on the deciphering, modeling and engineering of gene expression. A co-founder of Synvaccine, Tamirís expertise are key to Synvaccine`s technology for the computer-aided design of viral genomes for various applications. 
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  • Scientific Advisory Board
  • Emeritus Prof. Stanley Plotkin (MD)
  • Prof. Ruth Arnon
  • Prof. Nava Zisapel Chairman

  • Synthetic Virology
    Design, construction, and validation
  • Initial Proof of Concept
  • System Concept Design

  • SynVaccine is a young, innovative start-up company operating within the synthetic biology space, focusing on the design and validation of synthetic viruses for the development of vaccines. SynVaccine is currently developing several preventive viral vaccines for several major human pathogens. 
    The company owns exclusive licences for disruptive technologies that enable the computational rational design of viral genomes and physical DNA editing of viral vaccine genome libraries. These are positioned to leapfrog currently used, trial and error-based technologies for vaccine development and produce a pipeline of vaccine candidates for major unmet Human health risks.


    The proposed platform addresses a large market of viral vaccines, including various unchartered viral diseases, potentially of major impact on public health as we know it