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Vectorious Medical Technologies
Oren Goldshtein
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Our Team
  • Oren Goldshtein CEO and co-founder
    Oren Goldshtein, MSc: CEO and co-founder, formerly manager in companies including CopperGate Communication, Amimon, and Metalink.
  • Dr. Eyal Orion R&D advisor and co-founder

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  • Scientific Advisory Board
  • Dr. William T. Abraham
    Dr. William T. Abraham, MD: Chief of Cardiovascular Medicine, Ohio, U.S
  • Dr. John G. Cleland
    Dr. John G. Cleland, MD: Head of the Department of .Cardiology, Hull, U.K
  • Dr. Robert C. Bourge
    Dr. Robert C. Bourge, MD: Prof. of Medicine Radiology and Surgery, Alabama, U.S
  • Dr. Hani N. Sabbah
    Dr. Hani N. Sabbah, PhD: Director of Cardiovascular Research, Detroit

  • Pre-Clinical Studies
  • System Development
    Design and Engineering
  • Vectorious graduated from RAD BioMed incubator in 2013
  • Technological Proof of Concept
  • Concept Design

  • Vectorious graduated from RAD BioMed incubator in 2013.

    Vectorious introduce a novel approach to implantable long term hemodynamic monitoring that leverages a state-of-the-art technologies in the areas of miniature sensing and wireless communication.

    Vectorious` sensory implant is positioned in the heart`s left atrium, enabling daily "push-button" pressure readings with a wirelessly connected external unit. The external unit remotely powers the implant, interrogate it and then communicate the information to a TeleHealth center. 

    Having daily left atrial pressure information handy will enable to adjust medication dosage according to the patient`s specific physiological needs. This proactive heart failure patient personalized management will reduce morbidity, prevent hospitalizations and re-hospitalizations and will reduce frequent medication adverse events.




    Heart failure affects 5 million Americans.
    1.2 million heart-failure hospitalizations annually in the U.S.

    Direct costs of over $30 billion in the U.S annually.

    Approximately 50% of heart failure patients are re-admitted to the hospital within 6 months.