Accelerator Services

We provide our portfolio companies with “umbrella” services designed to accelerate their growth, overcome roadblocks and speed their commercialization.

Formation of Strategy and Work Plan

Once a project has undergone our rigorous screening process and is accepted into the Accelerator, we work closely with the start-up team to create a tailored strategy and work plan that works best for it and that will accomplish the ambitious goals that we create together with the team. Among the elements of the strategy and plan are the following:

  • Detailed and focused R&D plan, including timeline, budget and milestones, that has been vetted 'in house' as well as by top-tier experts in the company’s field
  • Detailed IP protection plan, including timeline, budget and milestones
  • Detailed and focused clinical/regulatory plan and timeline
  • Definition of target market(s)
  • Definition of product(s) for each target market
  • Outline of go-to-market plan
  • Initial budget & financing plan

Proof of Concept

The focus of initial activities is to achieve proof of concept for the start-up’s technology and product. We strive to minimize the amount of time a project leader must spend on non-R&D activities (such as administrative tasks and logistics), thereby streamlining the development process.

  • Overall project management
  • Ongoing mentoring
  • Critical path management
  • Progress and budget reviews
  • Initiation and stewardship of patent processes
  • Ongoing PR
  • Contact with potential partners

Many life science start-ups do not achieve proof-of-concept before support offered by Israel’s Office of the Chief Scientist ends. One of RAD BioMed’s key advantages as a privately-owned accelerator is that for deserving projects we may elect to eliminate this “funding gap,” by continuing to provide capital, facilities and services following the end of the traditional incubator period.

Full Development

After Proof of Concept is secured, we continue to provide services as required to keep Management focused on the streamlined execution of its work plan with the goal of carrying out clinical trials, establishing strategic partners and achieving regulatory clearances.

Post Incubation/Commercialization

  • Development of strategic partnerships
  • Roll out of marketing efforts
  • Ramping up of company
  • Carrying out of next-stage fundraising activities
  • Launch of Go-To-Market plan
  • Finalization of reimbursement paradigms

Corporate Services

RAD BioMed also provides its start-up companies with access to legal, accounting and other professional services that are well versed in the complexities of the start-ups’ market sectors and can help them to successfully negotiate and conclude agreements with third parties for collaborations & joint ventures, equipment purchases, follow-on funding and retaining quality personnel.


Our portfolio companies benefit from RAD BioMed’s state-of-the-art offices and laboratory facilities located in Tel Aviv. The location of our accelerator affords convenient access to expert outsourcing services, as well as to advanced equipment at top-level academic institutions and medical centers.

A differentiating advantage of our facility is a state-of-the-art central laboratory, which is shared by our portfolio companies, enabling them to conduct the majority of their R&D programs on-site. The facilities are equipped with advanced instrumentation (RT PCR, HPLC, fluorescence microscopes, ELISA readers, etc), tissue culturing capabilities, chemical hoods, etc.