Investment Focus

Investment Stage: We prefer to invest at the earliest stage of a start-up’s lifespan – even while the initiative is under development at a university or hospital. This reflects our desire to bring the start-up a grounded market focus as early as possible, thereby ensuring that it is properly focused on creating applications for the broadest market needs.

Investment Criteria: We look for the optimal combination of “success factors”:

  • Team: People are a company’s most important asset. We look for passionate entrepreneurs with a strong scientific background, stamina and realistic approach to developing products that are needed by large markets. (Team scientists and clinicians may maintain their existing academic and clinical positions.)
  • Target market: We seek out game-changing, out-of-the-box concepts with the potential to create sweeping change in mega-markets.
  • Technology: We look for cutting-edge innovations based on proprietary, protectable technologies.

Investment Strategy: Our strategy is to invest in a well-balanced, yet diversified portfolio of companies in the medical devices, biopharma and diagnostic sectors. We aim to be the initial investor in start-ups that offer novel solutions to significant, unmet clinical needs and that address newly created markets with significant growth potential. In addition to providing initial funding for a period of one or two years (through a joint funding program with the Government of Israel’s Office of the Chief Scientist), we provide next-stage funding for selected start-ups thereby filling the “funding gap” that exists in Israel for many promising start-ups that require longer incubation period prior to their commercialization and therefore cannot attract next-stage financing. For a detailed description of our services, please click here.