Neurim Pharmaceuticals Ltd. is a drug discovery and development company focused on age-related disorders primarily in the central nervous system (CNS). Neurim was founded by RAD BioMed founders Professor Nava Zisapel and Yehuda Zisapel.

Neurim’s first product, Circadin®, is an insomnia drug for patients over the age of 55 that is based on prolonged release melatonin.In addition, Neurim has three new chemical entities (NCEs) products in its pipeline protected by substance patents and a strong IP position that includes more than 60 patents and 10 patents pending. The company has in-license, marketing & sales and strategic agreements with a number of leading pharma companies, including Teva, Lundbeck, Nycomed, Sigma and DKSH.

Neurim’s facilities are located adjacent to those of RAD BioMed’s, and its team of scientists, IP personnel and regulatory experts are available to assist RAD BioMed’s start-ups teams for consultation, collaboration and assistance in developing the building blocks needed for commercial success.