Investors Opportunity

At RAD BioMed we are hardwired to create value.

Our careful selection of the best start-ups, provision of comprehensive support, and the depth and effectiveness of our process, has earned us the trust of global co-investors and business development partners, who view our pre-screened, well-managed startups as a reduced-risk opportunity to benefit from Israel’s exciting life science achievements.

We are differentiated from other Israeli incubator / accelerators by three key factors:

  • Our owners: Yehuda Zisapel and Prof. Nava Zisapel are serial entrepreneurs with a 30-year track record of successful seed-stage investing, including the founding of Neurim Ltd., a biopharma company. Our owners are willing to take financial risks to support entrepreneurs they believe in and to mentor companies to success. In return, they demand a disciplined, methodical approach to the management of each startup and to the Accelerator as a whole.

The support of our owners enables RAD BioMed to make decisions quickly, to take calculated risks and to offer financing and support - when warranted - beyond the normal 2-3 year incubator period.

  • Our experienced, multi-disciplinary support team. Our staff includes seasoned entrepreneurs and professionals from the worlds of finance, medicine and biotechnology. Our team works closely with portfolio companies to refine their strategies, oversee their progress, smooth out roadblocks and mentor management. Their close involvement with each start-up begins at the pre-incubation/due diligence stage, and continues through commercialization.
  • Our facilities including state-of-the-art biotechnology laboratories. Most life science entrepreneurs lose time and money replicating laboratory facilities and establishing offices when they leave the university or hospital environment. From Day 1, our portfolio companies have access to cutting-edge, on-premise laboratories and a highly productive working environment.

We invite you to contact us about investment opportunities in our portfolio companies.